Meet Jaynie

My goal is to teach entrepreneurs a cooperative way to be independent. I believe this business model can only succeed when we work together and help each other.


After 25 years in Labour Relations, I retired early and decided to try my hand at running my own business. I had dabbled in home-based businesses over the years and was now ready to give it a serious go. My initial thinking was that it would be a great way to make extra money to travel but time has changed all that. First I became a Grandmother and thought of all the wonderful ways I could help my grandson grow. Then I started thinking of all the other folks out there that had reasons of their own to want to start a business and thought: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help them avoid some of the mistakes I made when I first got started? So here we are, with my experience and my NLP Coach training I am uniquely situated to help you on your entrepreneurial path.

Testimonial – Carrie Roldan – “Give Jaynie a call, you won’t regret it.”

Carrie Roldan – Business BFF / Intuitive Guidance for Entrepreneurs People-Builder, Culture Creator, and Edge Pusher! ‘My life’s purpose: Encourage, Uplift, Inspire’


I help entrepreneurial-minded people figure out the right home-based business for them. I show them how to build a profitable team while focussing our intention on sharing, helping others and having fun at the same time. My goal is to teach entrepreneurs a cooperative way to be independent. I believe this business model can change the world and that can only happen when we work together and help each other succeed. This is what I refer to as building a tribe of like-minded people.

This is also why I work primarily, but not exclusively, with women who want to be successful and do good work with the income they generate. Whether that’s A) staying home with their young children, B) retiring early or boosting their retirement income, C) traveling and seeing the world first hand and helping where it’s needed most or D) helping children or grandkids.

I fall into three of these categories myself!


Ready to get started? Want to change jobs? Earn extra money? Retire early? Stay home with your kids? Spoil your grandkids? Travel? Never work for anyone else, ever again? Want to join our Tribe and work cooperatively yet retain your independence?

Yes this is real. Yes you can do it. Yes I will help you!