Are you at Cause or at the Effect of others?

Ho’oponopono and NLP teach that you are 100% responsible for what and who show up in your life. This is so hard to grasp, especially when ‘bad’ events seem to be caused by others in your life.

One of my teachers, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, reminds us that in all the events in our life, ‘good or bad’ the only constant is us! We are there to witness everything bad that happens and all that is good.

When you learn that you alone cause what is happening in your life you also begin to understand that it is you alone that can change it. See a simple, yet powerful example below. . .

A friend of mine recently posted this on Facebook and I thought it was a great example of what we’re talking about. I hope it helps you understand this concept.

Neville tells a story of a Minister that had his Organ stolen.
When the authorities found it, all identifying marks had been removed and asked the Minister if he could identify it and he said yes, look inside and you will find a piece paper with a number on it.
The authorities asked him why he did that and he answered “just in case it gets stolen”.
Now, who do you think is responsible for this stolen organ? In most cases, you would think that the thieves were responsible right?
Well, that would be wrong, the Minister and owner of the organ was responsible. He set himself up the moment he decided to put that note in there just in case it was stolen.
He actually caused the theft of his organ by imagining it being stolen. As a matter of fact, he could have predicted it being stolen, yet he was clueless and thought the fault lied with the thieves.
We all do this knowingly or unknowingly.
From this day forward when you say: “just in case” be sure it is followed by your desires, for example:
I buy lottery tickets “just in case” I win the jackpot.
I go to work just in case I get a promotion.
Never use it as this Minister did, he got his organ stolen by saying: “just in case it gets stolen” not only did he say it but he acted upon it by placing that piece of paper inside the organ.
Now you are aware of your assumptions be sure to direct them in your favor, “just in case all your dreams come true”. ❤