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DO YOU KNOW YOUR WHY? Why Do We Do The Things That We Do?

Hi everyone, I’m so excited I just had to tell you that I recently became a Grandmother! Now that I have full Grandma bragging rights, I also had to include a picture of our precious little guy, Connor on the day he was born – hanging onto my finger. ❤

Wow doesn’t having a new little one change things?  For me it changes everything:

  • the reason I get up in the morning,
  •  why I’d hang out all day making faces and soothing noises (hopefully they’re soothing 😂)
  • ​​​why I’m moving to be closer to him, and
  • even WHY I’m running my own business from home!

Have you thought about that? What is the purpose of wanting what you want? Whether it’s MORE TIME or MORE MONEY or something else all together, ask yourself:

  • what problem would I be fixing if I got what I wanted?
  • how would that help me? and most importantly;
  • WHY do I want this?

Once you know your WHY, those reason(s) will be your motivation to take the leap, do something different, reach out and start something new.  If you’ve figured out your WHY then apply to work with me and let’s get started creating the life you want. I’m here to help you, as are our great team of leaders, trainers and mentors.


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